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Monday, September 5

History Quiz

1) The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1903 happened in what year?
A. 1903
B. 1896
C. 1104
D. 897, BC

2) Thomas Jefferson wrote:
A. The Magna Carta
B. "Give me liberty or give me death! But I'll settle for a new Republic in the latest Greek fashion."
C. The User's Guide to Slaves
D. The Declaration of Independence

3) Teddy Roosevelt fought in what war?
A. The Dominion vs. The Federation
B. The War of the Lillipudlians
C. The Spanish-American
D. The Fight for the Right to Party

4) Teddy's distant cousin, Franklin Delano suffered from what disease?
A. Cell Phone Ear Deformation
B. Polio
C. Tommy Lasorda's Syndrome
D. Socialism

5) Napolean Buonaparte's most distinct physical feature was:
A. Excema
B. Huge cock
C. Short stature
D. The parrot on his shoulder

6) Who is the poster child for nonviolent resistance?
A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Stonewall Jackson
C. Joseph Mengele
D. Doctor Strange

7) What imperialist nation did Gandhi help to overthrow?
A. Nascar Nation
B. The Hapsburg Empire
C. The British
D. Wal-mart

8) The New World was first discovered by:
A. Christopher Columbus
B. Native Americans
C. Leif Erickson
D. The Chinese

9) The first 'talking picture' was
A. Leonardo da Vinci cut a hole out of one of his drawings, put his lips in and said, "look at me, I'm the prettiest daisy in the whole field..."
B. Senator John Kerry
C. The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson (a film about a Jew who loved to put on blackface)
D. all of the above

10) The world is:
A. 5,000 years old
B. 6 billion years old
C. in a shadow war with aliens
D. meaningless

answers to come soon!


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