d Pardon My Juice: Sexing

Saturday, August 13


Since the penis is the defining feature of a man, is it sexed by 'he'? For example:

The quick brown penis jumped over the lazy dog. He nearly tripped and fell, but then he would have not been quick.

Similarly, is a vagina sexed in the 'she?'

"Now is the time for all good vaginas to come to the aid of their country," screamed a very proactive vagina. She then yelled, "I, as a vagina, feel that we, as vaginas, should band together and rebel against the oppressive forces arrayed against us." The other vaginas chuckled at her and then went back to knitting.

It seems vaginas or penises are always referred to possesively: "Terry's penis" or "Heather's vagina." What if you are referring to an inspecific penis or a dismembered vagina? Say for example you didn't know whose penis was in your apartment, "would someone please take it outside?" knowing full well that that penis was male.

"Would someone pick that vagina up off the floor, it's starting to smell." "It" seems so rude, ineffective and unfamiliar. "Would someone pick that vagina up off the floor, she's beginning to smell." "She" has the rosy charm of a fireplace on a snowy December Thursday.


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