d Pardon My Juice: It begins...

Saturday, August 13

It begins...

The entire scope of history has brought us to this point. Marx predicted this when he stated the four periods of human history: 1) Feudalism 2) Capitalism 3) Socialism and 4) Pardon My Juice. Revelations 54:9:5 states: "Lo, the end of times shall begin whence nine cats are born out of the skull of a dead dolphin and three shaggy and confused college friends begin writing heretical jokes and publishing them via a networks of mechanical abacuses." Pythagoras, who believed that numbers were the key to our spiritual self, stated: "Two longs line connected by a short lines is called an acute triangle; or Pardon My Juice; or armageddon--armageddon, of course, being Spartan for bird flu." Before the music died and Buddy Holly crashed into a building, the normally love obssessed shouted the following "Pardon Me, Father, for I have... Juice--"

Thusly, it begins. Thusly, it begins.


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