d Pardon My Juice: Notes from last meeting (1/4/06)

Sunday, January 8

Notes from last meeting (1/4/06)

Dr. Terrett had three ideas:

1. Hobo-cats
2. H&R Fuck You
3. Moustache Basketball

Turn The Heaton had three ideas

1. The United Nations of Fictional Lands
2. The Audubon Field Guide to Crooners and Singers of Jazz Standards
3. The "Pardon My Juice" Calendar, in which we pose for a 16-month calendar starting in March posing like one of those Dog or Cat fetish calendars. It's really very funny, I swear.

I_Ped may have had ideas, but there was an alarm clock fiasco.

Anna Nicole Smith/Murhpy Brown was probably diddling with himself at Williams-Sonoma.


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