d Pardon My Juice: Reality TV EXTREME

Thursday, December 15


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Tired of ordinary reality TV shows with regular people and in average situations? Than turn into Reality TV EXTREME, we push the boundaries of reality by taking TV stars and putting them into situations so EXTREME, you can barely believe your eyes!

Through the use of the newest computerized special effects, we've taken ordinary situations one might find in reality--and given them an EXTREME twist. An ordinary living situation is turned into a cave neanderthals live in and normal speech is turned into grunts and wails. Going to the supermarket becomes a desperate adventure to save your one true love's life on Planet Blemange, eating dinner is a fight against to clock to stop a terrorist cell from detonating a nuclear device at the center of the Earth and decimating all of humanity, tidying your bathroom becomes a debate with Death on the meaning of life and existence, drinking a beer with friends is the crucial act of putting together a team of crack investigators to solve the crime of who really assassinated JFK.

Starring Dermot Mulroney and Molly Shannon with a revolving cast of famous cameos by a veritable who's who of Hollywood including Dick Van Dyke, John Leguizamo, Angela Lansbury and Raven Symone, you can't miss this extremely special reality TV event.

Reality TV EXTREME: so real, you'll think it's fiction.


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