d Pardon My Juice: Notes from the Last Meeting (Wednesday?)

Thursday, December 15

Notes from the Last Meeting (Wednesday?)

+Rebellious White Supremecists
+Inferior Rascists
+The War of the Mimes (tabled)
+Bilton Merle (...in the ass!)
+Fox Ecclesiastical Sunday

Two Quotes By The Doctor
"You're born a mime, but you can choose to be a person."
"Sometimes you love someone so much you have to yell at them all the time to let them know it."

Other things I wrote and now have no idea what they mean
"You're no fun anymore" (I think a reference to the Python sketch)
+Rich Little is the Anti-Christ
+Drinking at future meetings? Yes or No?
"Puppies in a box"
"Moon base--leave now"
"In the ass-o-nance" (clearly something to do with Bilton)
+Annual giving program
"I am incapable of love."


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