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Saturday, October 6

Variations on a Theme From O'Reilly's Rhapsody

Bill O'Reilly is getting in some hot water for saying this: "There wasn't one person in Sylvia's who was screaming, 'M-Fer, I want more iced tea.'"

The following is his train of thought that followed that quote in his head.

--Black Person: And, while you're at it, bring me some goddamn orange sherbert, and maybe some sugar for my nigger's coffee. Hurry your black ass up and get the crepes out here. (to Al, his black friend) Oh, Al, baby, Al you gotta try this motherfucking '89 cabernet sauvignon from this tiny little winery that my bitch found on a trip through France...

Another Black Person: Damn girl, these cupcakes are whack.

Female Black Person: And just wait 'til you get a taste of the banana bread I made.

Another Black Person: Shit bitchl! (to Black Person) She makes some great fucking hollandaise sauce, nigga.

Black Person: Yea... Goddamn it where's my crepes, bitch?

Black Waiter: You just have to wait for your goddamn crepes like everybody else, motherfucker.

Black Person: I don't spend time waitin' for crepes from anyone. (pulls his 'piece'.)

Black Waiter: You don't be pulling that shit in this fine eating establishment (also pulls his 'piece.')

Another Black Person: You don't be pullin' that shit on my fellow member of the Crips. (flashes the crips gang sign before pulling his 'piece.')

(the place erupts into gang violence where a white woman is some how raped)--

These images and thoughts were culled from three rap music videos made in the mid-90's and D.W. Griffith's
The Birth of a Nation.


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