d Pardon My Juice: Guess What I Found?

Saturday, February 4

Guess What I Found?

A headless bird?
My credit card?
A lost library book?
The fountain of youth?
Formica kitten statues?
An LP of Guns 'n Roses Appetite for Destruction?
A great new suhsi joint?
Steve Martin's soul?
The bucket of truth?
A jukebox at a good price?
The source of Dane Cook's popularity?
How To Get Away With Murder Everytime? by Robert Blake
An explanation on how the Rolling Stones continue to tour?
My favorite pair of slacks?
My girlfriend's secret blog she won't let me read or tell me what she's writing about?
An counterfeit 20 dollar bill?
A good roasted eggplant recipe?
A bust of Cato?
Kellen's and Jon's gay sex video escapade?
Osama bin Laden?
The Sorcerer's Stone? (British: The Philosopher's Stone?)
Shakespeare's "real" identity?
Liz's dissertation on doctoratecheat.com?
Three forks lodged in my upper right kitchen cabinet?
The ghost writer for Good Will Hunting?
My grandpa's real grandmother?
The key to Snoop Dogg's cool?
Gotham City on a map?
A lost Vermeer?
John Coltrane's lost last recodring session in the Library of Congress?
An antique vase in what used to be a garbage chute?
My sunny disposition?
Hirsh's sense of humor?
Barton's Hamlet?
The good in goodbye?
The sin in sincere?




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