d Pardon My Juice: The Publishable Conversations of a Few Minutes Ago (1/29/06)

Sunday, January 29

The Publishable Conversations of a Few Minutes Ago (1/29/06)

We discussed:

!!! Bilton Merle being used thrice: 1) as a warm-up comic; 2) on a Johnny Carson-like show; 3) as a voice-over at the end. He will have a drummer cohort who will provide rimshots and appropriate reaction. "In the Ass" is always a topper: "What's better than doing your gramma? Doing her in the ass!"

@@@ "We put the cute in executions." A school board meeting wherein a textbook publishers hawks his puppied version of history.

### Super Secret Monkey Lab--an animated slice of life of Super Secret Monkey Lab's Nigel, William, Trevor and Mr. Bubbles. Except we don't have the money--or know how--to animate and, therefore, use an overhead.

$$$ The Power Team: tearing up phone books in the name of Christ and such

%%% The Anal Sex Police

^^^ The Dating Game with Monsters

&&& Turn Based Reality.
"I have to pee."
"It's not your turn." multiplied by seven billion
an animated hand picks us up for moving out of turn

*** The "Do-Something!" Game (the simplest game in the world)

((( We'd also all like more silly, more strange

))) Next meeting in Dr. Terrett's basement on Thursday at nine-thirty.

___ Ian and I didn't discuss this, but this is what I imagine it'd go like, "Kellen's basement, really?" "Yes, Greg, Kellen's basement." "You think we could take him?" "Take him?" "You know what I'm saying." "Yes, Greg, we could take him." "Good. That Kellen is a shifty character." "Your improv skills have really diminished in the six months you haven't been in improv." "Was I ever really that good to begin with?" "You know, Greg, that's a good question." "I purchased a gun yesterday." "You were never good at the non-sequitor joke." "It's not a joke. I really bought a gun yesterday." "What are you going to do with 'your gun?'" "I don't know. Just hold on to it." "Wow." "Ian, this isn't a joke. It's a plea for help. I bought a gun yesterday." "Okay, Greg." "Ian, please help me. My life is devoid of meaning and purpose." "Very funny. Ha-ha." "No, seriously. I am in need of help. Please call someone. Do something." "Okay, 'I'm calling the police.'" "You just won the bronze in the 'Do-Something' Game!"


Anonymous Shanna said...

Were the scientists in the Super Secret Monkey Lab responsible for the development of Monkey Torture? If so, good work sirs. Good work.

4:31 p.m.  

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