d Pardon My Juice: Robert Blake ain't Happy

Saturday, February 4

Robert Blake ain't Happy

A letter from Robert Blake in response to the accusations presented by the writers of “Pardon My Juice”.

“WOW, I thought this was over. But it seems some people don’t know when the gangbang is over. I was found guilty by a group of my peers? Come on, my peers are drug addicts and child molesters, this buncha shit eaters aren’t my peers. But insteada jail, these fucks decide to waste more of my time by causing to pay 30 million in Damages. You know how many people I could marry and then kill by the time you could count to 30 million? A lot!

By that’s in the past. My life now devoted to reading “A Million Little Pieces” (Fuckin’ Liar! Where was Oprah when I needed her warn out asshole?) and taking photos of my naked body amongst corpse. Let me tell you it’s quite the life. Then some shlum comes along and throws my name into some Gay Fantasy Blog? Man, I thought Robert Downey Jr. would do anything for coke. These fucks would Whack-Off all the Supreme Court and half the senate for a laugh.”


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