d Pardon My Juice: Fun with P. T. Barnum

Tuesday, February 21

Fun with P. T. Barnum

Text Book for Sale


Sales person
Board Member 1
Likes It
Board Member 2
Super For It
Agrees with Everything SM says
For It

Chairman introduction to sketch
Business to begin
Read Minutes
Bake Sale
Chocolate vs. Chocolate with Nuts
Special Ed Games Next Week
Hall Ways Smelling Like Feet
Old Business
Chairman intro Teacher
Teacher Intro to Salesman
Salesman Intro Self
Hard Sell About the book itself
Problem w/ Books
“Our Books are Easier to Read”
Power Point
“Square Books equals Square Minds”
Fast Paced
Superficial Focus
Lots of Pictures
‘Man fucking his Wife’
BM2 Excited
SM ‘Any Questions?’
‘Ok lets sign this bitch’
BM1 Wants to hear more
SM takes a beat
Put off for a moment
Into Sales Pitch
Math Book
CM likes book just by flipping through
Likes it/Take a Vote
BM1 Looking at story problem
‘Monkey’ Story Problem
‘Hooker’ Story Problem
SM answer
“Old Math vs. New Math”
SM ‘sidesteps’ question
“Answer Question with Another answer to a Different question”
Into Biology Book
Biology Book
Sex Photos
Reproduction of the species
Smiley Faces over Male Genitalia
Flip Book
Animal having sex w/ dead animal
“Death and Dieing”
“The cat is going to Heaven, that’s real science”
BM1 finds biology book offensive
SM “text books can be offensive, which is why we have this book”
Into History Book
“This Book is Light”
Pictures of History with Cats and Dogs
9/11 joke toper?
Future Pictures of Atrocities?

More and More against the Salesman throughout the pitch
Board doesn’t want the books
SM Saddened
“I get it, I get it. It IS crazy. Crazy like a fox…But You Wanna Know What?! These books were made with a Dream. By a group of people Just Like Me…”
“A dream about a rainbow, and under that rainbow there were dew drops, and from those drew drops were born the children of our future…”
long speech
Has them the entire speech
BM2 slow clap
CM says “that’s not appropriate”
SM last word
“Knock 5 bucks off”
Group Goes for it!

Other Things to think about-to be placed in this sketch and others
Online University
VooDoo/Medical Shawman
TV repair

Oxford University, Alaska/ Oxford University High School


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