d Pardon My Juice: It's younkTonian you ditz

Friday, January 20

It's younkTonian you ditz

Well everybody it looks like Greg went and jumped back on the fag wagon. ALL ABOARD!!!! Next Stop, Butt Sex.

Greg has also informed me that form now on he is to be referred to as Balls Fondleton (Mr. B, Mr. F, Mr. Beef, B-Fondue, and Knuckles are all acceptable abbreviations)

And here's a question that Greg didn't want to address with the group so I'll just get it out there in dialogue form to provide some sense of context:

G- "Jon, do you play with your asshole while you masterbate?"

J- "Greg that's a very unusual question to ask somebody. Why, do you?"

G- "Yes........I mean.........(awkward silence)"

J- "Greg, why do you keep sniffing and licking your fingers?"

G- "mmm Chocolate."

J- "Greg that doesn't smell like chocolate."

G- "Milk, milk, lemonade. Around the corner tasty yum yums."


Blogger Turn The Heaton said...

I posted this to show people how you're funny when you're angry. and cute too.

11:05 a.m.  

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