d Pardon My Juice: Balls

Tuesday, January 10


That's right, 'Aidell's' meatballs.......CHICKEN meatballs. I got the pineapple teriaki kind but there's also chipotle and sun dried tomato. mmm mmm. I think I'm gonna make me some meat ball kabobs. Get some pineapple, red onion and maybe some red and green peppers. Drizzle on some teriaki sauce for some zing and BAM!!!!!!! Emeril meet the new Sheriff in town. Forget that I'm the Mayor, no the Govorner, no wait, the next American Idol....... heck with meatballs like this I could very well become the next President of the United states and I'm talking in the next week.


"So Mr. President, how did you go from a part time employee at a high end kitchen supply store to becoming the icon you are today?

"Well I was at Safeway and I looked down and saw these prepacked meatballs that looked really tasty. Next thing I know, here I am, leader of the free world."


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