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Monday, September 5

Wacky Fun Madlib

My Aunt sent me an Online Mad Lib. I had a lot of fun doing it especially since I was drunk on warm makers and Chamangeingsessstillllaaalitttledrunk. ANYWHO, here it is…..

The Best Town in the World

Let me tell you about my favorite place. It is called Donald Sutherlandville. Everyone there always dresses in Shit Green, and all the cars and the Zombies are Shit Green, too. Kenny Logans came to do a concert in Donald Sutherlandville once, and the band liked it so much they never left. Now every FuMondays night, all the people who live in Donald Sutherlandville put on their adjectiveding, Shit Green Pantaloons and walk their Zombies to the town square. Then they sit on the grass, listen to Kenny Logans play Myth Metal music, and eat Extreme Cheeze Its. No one has to go to school in Donald Sutherlandville unless they want to. Of course, everybody wants to because Fats Domino and Ronald Regan are two of the teachers. Fats Domino teaches Rock and Roll 101 and Ronald Regan teaches Skin Collecting. One day Fats Domino said to Ronald Regan, "Maybe we should take the students on a field trip." "That's a adjectivinged idea, Fats Domino," said Ronald Regan. "Let's take them to the most fun place we can think of." "But that would be Donald Sutherlandville," said Fats Domino.
"You're right!" Ronald Regan exclaimed. "Call off the field trip! We're already here!"

OH MY GOD!!!! Or OMG to all you text messaging loosers out there. Yeah, you heard me, LOOOSSERS! What a cool Mad lib. So I got to thinking. And that was kinda painful seeing how the mad lib was so easy and thinking about the mad lib actually isn’t easy at all. Blah. I got to thinking, why not make up my own mad lib?

And then again why not make it topical! So here she is folks and fuckers. My recently deceased Supreme Court Judge Rehnquist’s Wacky Mad lib! Follow the simple instructions and have a fun time reading to each other while in the bath, or in the shower.

WASHINGTON, Sunday, Sept. 4 - Chief (Noun) William H. Rehnquist (Verb) Saturday night of the (Epic Noun) he had battled for nearly a year, opening a second (Noun) vacancy just days before Senate confirmation hearings were to begin to fill the seat being (Adverb?) by Justice (Famous Porn Star).

Kathleen Arburg, the court's public (Noun) officer, said Chief (Animal) Rehnquist, (Number ending in Bazillion), had (noun) at his home in Arlington, Va., surrounded by his (Number) (Noun). She said he had been working at the (noun) during the summer recess until his health declined a "precipitous decline" in the last few (Obituary).
Although the chief justice was known to be (Cool 80 exclamation) ill with the (Futuristic Disease), which was diagnosed last (Fake Month), his death at this moment came as a (Something you do at a Wedding). Six weeks ago, with (Noun) swirling that he would soon(Action Verb), he issued an unusual statement declaring that he would continue to serve as chief justice "as long as my (Sex Act) permits."


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