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Tuesday, September 6

Snap On Parts Official Spokes Company of Pardon My Juice!

This All started as a simple jib at one “julia elvarado” a kind woman of simple tastes and many dark secrets. Julia reads our blog and said…A real enlightening blog. Don't stop now. Don't miss visiting this site about how to buy & sell snap on tool on interest free credit; pay whenever you want.

This person had oviously never read this Blog or any Blog for that matter simply because she used the work “Enlightening”. Blogs are by definition not enlighting. They are simply the fauder that our egos no longer want. The Blog is a means to let out the demons of our soul and unleash them unto the unweilding public eye of the net. My demons happen to come in humorious banter and satire.

After deciding that Julia must be a loose kitten on some widows computer keyboard playing with the Flight Toasters on the screen saver I searched deeper into her message. I clicked the link about snap on tools and found myself in a world of magic and wonderment. This is what I found...

The Interim Monetary System of Heaven on Earth
"So what is this all about?", you ask? Well simply put the system is a global trading system that allows personal account holders to have an interest free credit line of 1,000.00 Credon Barter Dollars (CBD) to start buying goods and services (The value of CBD is equal to the value of one US dollar). In the beginning your account balance is zero, although you have a spending credit of 1,000.00 CBD. If you sell something then your account balance becomes positive and if you buy something your account balance becomes negative. For every CBD earned through sales your credit line will increase by twice as much (Limited Time Offer). And the first 100 system-wide credit purchases will trigger a four fold increase in credit line.

What the FUCK! Are we in Quarks bar on Deep Space Nine trading Credon Barter Dollars for Bagorian Milk Wine from before the Cardassian Enslavement? Julia, What Satanic Asshole did you come out of to allow such an evil vampiric fucking to occure to the uneductated people of Vermont and West Virginia?


After placing my historical revolutionary war musket firmly in my mouth ready to end what had turned into a Interim Monetary System of Hell on Earth, I decided to simply write this entry in hopes that Julia reads our Blog once again and ends her cruel affair with Credon Barter Dollars.


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