d Pardon My Juice: A Guys walks into a Talent Agent's Office...

Monday, September 12

A Guys walks into a Talent Agent's Office...

A man walks into a famous talent agent’s office. He says “Sir, I know you’re a very busy man, with many talented clients, but if I could have a moment of your time?” The talent agent stares. “Ya got 3 minutes,” he barks, “what kinda act do you do?” “Well sir,” the man says calmly “it’s a family act.” He then brings in his wife, daughter, son, and a young Down syndrome preschool child. The wife holds a bucket of hard boiled eggs, which the family proceeds to sit and eat. Taking their time savoring each egg, and letting the shells fall to the floor. While the wife is eating an egg the husband pulls out his flasid penis and starts to pee on her. The wife opens her mouth and takes both the urine and egg in her mouth. She chews it up, and then goes to the son, opens his mouth and gives the concoction to the son. He the proceeds to give the mouthful to his sister and like wise to the Down syndrome child who swallows the yuck and smiles.

By this time the husband’s penis has become erect, and he receives a blowjob from his wife. She’s going up and down on his penis, slurping and slipping up remains of the eggs and urine. The father points to the son and he pulls out his penis, and comes over and masturbates to his parents sex act. All the wile the daughter and Mongoloid child are reading the bible orally. The husband starts really fucking his wifes face, and it’s obvious to the talent agent that she can barely breathe. The son is really getting off on how his father is ramming his mothers face. She begins to choke and the vomits with her husband’s dick still in her mouth. The husband pulls out his eggy penis and lets his wife breathe. The wife mouth has vomit, spit, snot and what could be a little blood mixed all over her face, but smiling as to not upset the talent agent.

The two boys, with penis’ still erect, take the mother by her head, and place their dicks in her ears. They begin fucking her back and forth in rhythm. The daughter comes over, still reading the bible (this time from memory) and removes all her clothing to show a hairless virgin form. She lies under her mother with her mouth wide open and spread full eagle. The mom, while still being fucked in the ears, rips off her pants. The talent agent sees the mother has four tampons sticking out of her vagina, all full and bloated with blood. The wife pulls out each tampon and rubs them up her ass crack. Her vagina then flows with blood like a beer tap at TGI Fridays onto her daughter. She then hands the blood and shitty tampons to her son and husband, who place them in their mouths life cigars. Meanwhile, the retarded child has dressed in an authentic SS uniform and goose steps around the room shouting “ Vhere ar da Gews, Ve burn da Gews!”

The father then calls in their special member, Carl, a black man who sells crack rocks out of his van in Detroit. Carl drops his rag pants to reveal a penis as big as a baseball bat. The daughter, still dripping with vaginal blood, jerks off Carl, while screaming “ My white pa’s gonna find out your jamming his daughter and he’s gonna lynch your black nigger ass!” Carl gets hard very quickly and turns the daughter around. He inserts his penis into her vagina and really gives it to her. She’s crying and screaming for the black man to stop. She calls for her parents who are doing jello shots out of each other’s asses. The black man fucks the daughter so hard that she begins to throw up. But luckily the Nazi retard is there to eat it up.

Carls dick is almost all the way inside the daughter when she lets out a blood curdling scream as Carls penis breaks through her stomach and exits on the other side of her body. The wife runs and places the dick in her mouth, which is covered in blood, bile, egg remains and boils and other warts from STD’s. The husband rips off the SS uniform of the child to reveal a transsexual retard. The Mongoloid places his penis in the mother’s ass, while the father puts his penis in the child’s vagina. They’re all fucking, and the daughter is bleeding all over them.

Suddenly, as the family is about to climax as one, an American flag magically drops from the ceiling. The family cums all over Carl, who comes on himself, and proceed to rub it all over his black body. They all turn and salute the flag, and take a dump on the daughter, who is now dead from blood loss. They all break into a song a dance number consisting of a medley of pieces from the golden age of Broadway. It all ends with the Trany-retard resurrecting the daughter, only to have Carl admit that he has given her AIDS.

The talent agent sits for a few minutes. “Jesus, that’s a hell of an act. What do you call it?” The husband replies “The Aristocrats.”


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